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Darren Festerling (Co-Founder)

Darren Festerling is not football, he is not basketball.  Darren Festerling Is Wallskeetball.  The gods might have been laughing when they formed him in the womb of Mimi Festerling and with the help of Rodge Podge.  But now, Darren is laughing.  He found a sport that would accept, nay, congratulate his body type.  He stands 6’4, and weighs in at 185 lbs.  His wingspan is 4 inches longer than his body.  This gives him an advantage over some players.  He was not at the conception of this sport, but he helped formulate and refine it into something the world hadn’t encountered yet.  Although his competitiveness and cruelty sometimes make him lose friends, the sport wouldn’t be the same without his input.  In the day of Wallskeetball’s prime, he lived for wallskeetball day.  Dave, Todd, or I did not make this game great.  We did not encourage others to play.  The game chose us and made us great.  Others flocked without us even speaking of our underground gaming.  Thank you fate. Let us make the rebirth of the gods’ game known as Wallskeetball.

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Dave Proeber (Co-Founder)David J Proeber was born to create something great. As he claims, Wallskeetball was created in a hallway at his Wisconsin Lutheran High School in his junior year of attendance. He and his good friend Todd W. Johnson were trying to figure out what they could possibly do to avoid weightlifting that day. So they found some girls playing volleyball in a hallway. Dave and Todd proceeded to ask these girls if they could play as well, and this is when things got out of control. Yes, Wallskeetball started with volleyball, but as you all know it grew into something greater, as now it is played with a Balles. Dave and Todd become bored with bumping and setting, with this primitive ball game, so they asked the girls if we could just play against the wall. One thing led to another, and the game began to take shape. Only one bounce, you can use two walls, court out of bounds, these were all rules that all just happened so quickly. The game started to live as a new form, with similarities like that of Racquetball, and Handball. Of course the girls left and took their volleyball, so we decided that that ball was too hard anyway, and we needed to find a new ball. So we went to Wal-Mart and found the children's playground ball, and proceeded to check out. The woman at the register tried to check the ball out but was unable to as she kept on spelling the word "Balls" wrong. Thus the term "Balles" is used to describe the ball in Wallskeetball. This is how, to Dave's recollection, Wallskeetball began. Once more people saw Dave and Todd playing, others were immediately hooked, and rules began to be set as other who played requested rule changes. Dave is not the best Wallskeetball player, but his experience and knowledge of the game are unmatched. In 2008 Dave declared himself the president of the WSBA (Wallskeetball Association), and claims his goal is to make this game a nationally recognized sport.

Todd Johnson (Co Founder)Todd W Johnson had a lot on his shoulders as a child. The Johnson heritage was, well, let's put it this way: Todd asked his mother what her favorite season of the year is, and she replied "Whatever season we are in is always my favorite season; so since it is fall right now, my favorite season is fall. If it were winter, my favorite season would be winter, and so on and so forth. Each season allows me to appreciate another season." Todd agreed and pondered for a moment. He proceeded to ask his father what his favorite season is and he replied "Football Season." The Johnson family is about sports, and since Todd was a male Johnson growing up, he knew he had to have some sort of impact on sports. It wasn't until his Junior year in high school when he realized that in the bottom of his heart he did not enjoy common sports played by all people. He found this out on one fateful day Todd and his childhood chum David J Proeber embarked on creating one of the greatest sports unknown to man. Todd W Johnson now awaits for the impact Wallskeetball will have on the world due to the web-site creating hands of his co-creator David J Proeber. Long live the Balles.