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                            Official Rules.
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The Official Wallskeetball Rules

Play only two walls- walls shall be parallel
(Rules Subject To Change)


§  All serves must hit at least three feet from the ground

§  Serves must be hit under hand directly at the wall

§  Server must stand to the right of the opponent and serve directly in front of him/her or to the left.

§  Serve may hit one wall, chosen as “serving wall.”

§  If you don’t meet these specifications you lose a point, if you have 0 (Emo) points the other player may receive 1 point.

§  If ball hits long, and hits opposite wall without bouncing once on the infield it is still in play. (If it hits the opposite curb without bouncing it is then called a fault.)

§  To decide who serves first the two Wallskeetballer's are to play “Rock, Paper, Emo.” The winner of that has the opportunity to either serve or to let his/her opponent server first.

§  If a player is serving on the Game Point, the player may call "Shame Point". If the server indeed does get the Game Point he is eligible to "Shame" the opponent. (This rule will only work if the server announces "Shame Point" before the serve is made)


§  Each player is to alternate hits.

§  The ball may only bounce once in the infield

§  A person may hit an opponent with the ball, only off the wall, to receive the point (if the ball hits a person without first bouncing off the wall the point is replayed.)

§  Play to 7, (a normal tournament game) 11, or 21 and must win by 2

· In round robin play it is the first player to 2000 (2 points)

§  No boxing out (the player will receive a warning if found guilty of boxing out)

§  If there is one bounce on ground before hitting but you must hit the ball directly off glass before ball interacts with ground.

§  Ball may hit northern brick anytime as long as it interacts with west or east brick first.

§  If you feel you must change a rule you must follow these preliminary steps

· Write out which rule you want to change and give it to the majority.

· Us as a majority will then listen to your case and you must show an example with supporting detail

· Us, as majority may then vote… you need a 2/3 vote to change the rule officially

§  It must only hit your wrist and hand for the hit to be counted as legal

§  If a player makes a diving attempt and is not awarded the point, the opposing player may "Shame" the fallen player by hurling the Wallskeetball at the fallen player.

Special terminology/ penalties of Wallskeetball

§  Klubing- striking a player

§  Emo- zero

§  Shame- to hurl the ball at the opposing player, as to disgrace him or her.

§  1000- equivalent to one point (Round Robin)

§  2000- equivalent to two points (Round Robin)

§  Curb- about 1 foot above ground level, or physical curb like ledge.

§  If you are late to Wallskeetball you shall run as many laps as you are minutes late. (20 minutes late= 20 laps)

§  If you show poor sportsmanship or interrupt a game, you may be assessed laps if the majority votes on it.

§  You have to run your laps it the direction your strongest foot is in. ( right foot, runs to the right)


-Red Indicates Wisco Rule